Shenelle, Your Photographer and the Business Owner

I started seriously pursuing photography almost two years ago but for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a camera in my hand or near by. I got my first digital camera when I was 11 years old, a video camera when I was 15 and prior to that, I was always running off with my parents old Kodak film camera (not including numerous disposable cameras).

Now and even as a child, I frequently pull photo albums out to look back on the people in my life. Whether they be my own personal albums or those belonging to someone else, if I see one, I will open it. 

My Dad used to keep my grandparents old slides in the top kitchen cupboard when I was growing up. I remember being quite young (maybe 5 years old) and dragging the dining room chair to the cupboard frequently to pull them out and look at them. The old projector and the noise of the slides changing are distinctly engrained in my memory and I will forever be nostalgic for a time like that again.

Thank you for joining me here, I can't wait to create memories for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime. 

Love, Shenelle. x